5 Tips To Create An Online Art Class [AFTER you do these 3 things first!]

Assessing Where You Are Now

5 Tips To Creating Online Art Classes Your Students Will Love! [AFTER you do these 3 things first!]

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There’s no doubt that 2020 has been the year of online learning.  If you are an artist who teaches art classes and workshops, you may have transitioned to online teaching or had the brakes put on your live art classes with no clue where to go to get started with online teaching.

Sharing What We’ve Learned

Regardless of where you are in your online teaching journey, it’s important to understand some basic tips for how to create a quality online art class that your students will love.

We didn’t have this down pat when we started.  We planned, created, filmed, edited, published, listened to feedback and expert advice, tweaked, improved, and did it all again.

To make it easier on you, we’ve narrowed down what we have found are the 5 most important tips for creating a great online experience for your students.

Online Learning Is Here To Stay

Here’s the thing….online learning was big BEFORE the pandemic.  Now it’s critical to most educational programs in most fields, including artists.  If you don’t have an online component to the art instruction part of your business, it’s likely going to be very difficult to make a decent living as an artist.

First Things First

These are not new.  Every guru out there talks about them.  Why?  Because they’re that important.  What we want you to know though, is that it’s ok to start small.  As long as you start.

**There are 3 must do’s before you even think about creating an online art class.**

#1  Know who your students are and where they are.  Who loves your work most and is likely to buy your classes?  Where are they on social media?  Where do they shop?  How old are they?  How do you communicate with them?

#2  Do you have their email address?  An email list is critical.  Start with 10 students!  It doesn’t matter how many you have, as long as you start that list.

#3  Have a website.  Even if it’s just one page.

Ok, now that you have some students, have a way to communicate with them (email), and a place to send them (your website), you can think about creating an online art class.


Here Are The Five Top Tips For Creating A Student Friendly Online Art Class

#5  Film an Introductory Video.

Let students know who you are, a little about your background, and details about what they will learn in the class.  You can use a separate one just about yourself and use it in your marketing.

#4  Film a Thank You Video.

At the end of the class, invite them to join a private Facebook group, take additional classes from you, and/or give you feedback.  Be sure to tell them how grateful you are they took the class.

#3  Audio is almost more important than video!

Both are important but bad audio can kill the best video.  Invest in a high-grade microphone especially if the microphone on your filming device is less than great!

#2 Add downloadable PDF documents.

Include written instructions, supply lists, templates, and reference photos for students who want to refer to printed materials or put reference images on their screens.

And our #1 Tip!!!

#1 Film in small, short segments.

Don’t make students have to pause a video to finish a task unless it has a definite purpose.  Film and edit each step along the way.  This will help your students with attention spans and be much easier on you during the editing process!

Give your students a breather and let them move through the process in a slow, logical, step by step journey.

Knowing just a few simple tips along the way can help you get started without feeling overwhelmed by the process.  I hope these 5 tips help you better understand what’s important to making sure your students have a fun and interactive learning experience with you.

Want more tips and help to keep you on your path to online educating?

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