About Us

Zenso Creative™, LLC hosts fine art, mixed media art and decorative art online workshops for small, independent artists. 

We are dedicated to creating high quality art workshops for both beginning and experienced students and creating a supportive, inspiring community for celebrating our students and each other. 

For Workshop Participants

Our artists are committed to giving their students 100% and are available through our private Facebook group and helpline (via email) to assist with any questions you have.  To learn more about our instructors, we encourage you to visit their websites and follow them on social media. You will find all of their information on the Instructor page. 

For Independent Artists

We offer business support and coaching for professional artists who want to grow their art based business with an emphasis on residual income, digital marketing and brand awareness.  Artists do not need to be a member of Zenso Creative™ to participate.  

About Terry Eldridge

Founder & Creative Director

I grew up with a creative mother who was a master at decorating and creating with reclaimed items long before it became fashionable; a talented oil painter and seamstress. From her, I found a passion for the arts, and in my earlier years, while raising a family and working in a different field, I kept my creativity going.  I renovated houses, painted and repurposed furniture, made crafts with my kids, sewed halloween costumes, theater costumes, clothing and quilts and learned to create stained glass pieces and mosaics. 

After several successful businesses, one failed one, some profound personal losses and the pain of recession, I found peace in art.  When I was sewing or painting or creating something in my little home studio, the world and all the trauma and anguish disappeared. Everything became more hopeful and the world was a much brighter place. It’s amazing how those dramatic events in one’s life can be the catalyst for change. 

After a very short hiatus from a real estate career, I decided to switch gears and pursue a business that involved art.  I opened an art studio in Wilmington, NC and learned two things: I wasn’t a fan of retail but….I loved teaching! I threw myself into the art world, learning as much as I could, creating as much as I could and developing workshops for my students.  I often heard people from outside the area say, “Oh I wish I lived closer and could take a workshop from you.” I knew someday I would be publishing workshops online.  

Since then, my family has grown exponentially with two incredible son-in-laws and five beautiful grandchildren!  My husband Bob and I relocated to St. Augustine, Florida in 2015, where we live a full, abundant life surrounded by history, arts and culture.  I launched Zenso Creative™ in 2018, just like I knew I would. Friends came along for the ride and the next thing I knew, we were an artist community.  I found myself helping small, independent artists get their workshops online, grow their businesses and once again, I was a teacher and also a student. 

If I’m not working on Zenso Creative™ or in my studio, I’m traveling to visit my daughters and their families who live in far away places, tending my gardens, reading, going to the beach, hanging with my local art friends or having a nice dinner with my husband of nearly 40 years.

Someday I might slow down but in the meantime, my dream is to help artists grow their businesses and work smarter not harder, help them share their work on a more global platform and provide our students with quality, innovative and fun workshops that they are excited to be a part of.  Thank you for taking the time to get to know me a little better as well as the artists on Zenso Creative™. Wishing you joy in the creativity!

“Art washes away from the soul, the dust of everyday life.”

Pablo Picasso