The Zenso Creative™ Directory is a place where students can come to browse online and live art classes and workshops taught by independent artists.   We make it easy to find what you are looking for by providing comprehensive, detailed listings with information about the artist, what online or live art classes they offer, and how to get in contact with them.

We also want you to have an opportunity to get to know them more and hear from other students so you’ll find podcast interviews, testimonials and video clips included in their listings as well as direct links to all available art classes and workshops, social media links and the artist’s location if they provide live classes, workshops or retreats. 

Zenso Creative™ is very focused on supporting and building up creatives and we pride ourselves on our incredible community of artists and students and want you all to be successful in your creative journeys.  

For artists, we provide not only a place to share your work with students but other opportunities as well.  Be part of one of our supportive peer groups, gain access to extended resources for building your art business through teaching live and online art classes, and get the help you need to be successful.  Come join our growing group of inspiring and supportive artists today!


I am Terry Eldridge, Creative Director and Founder of Zenso Creative™.

My creative story began as a young child with a mother who was a talented decorator, oil painter, and seamstress.  I had an appreciation for creativity throughout my early years and always had some kind of project going on while I was in college, raising a family and later building businesses and working in the real estate industry.  
I am a serial entrepreneur, have built and sold several businesses, had one failure that taught me a lot, and am an accomplished quilter and fairly accomplished mixed media artist.  I enjoy a variety of different mediums and techniques and find it a little challenging to focus on just one thing!  Except for Zenso Creative™.
This company is my passion, and I feel incredibly privileged to help artists grow their businesses online.  I have spent the past several years researching resources, learning a ridiculous amount about technology and digital marketing, and working hard to make it all easier for other artists.  I am amazed at the obstacles artists are able to overcome and the strides they can make with the right support.
It is my goal to continue to bring artists together as a community that helps, rather than competes with each other.  I truly believe we are more successful as a collective than as independent artists trying to make it on our own, especially in the online world.
When I’m not working on Zenso Creative™, I love being with my family, being in nature, and creating whatever comes to me in my studio. 

For Students:

This directory is set up to assist you in finding the online art classes that best suit your needs, learn more about the artists and link directly to their information.

For Artists:

This directory is available to you as a way to consolidate all of your contact information in one place, leverage incoming activity as a group of artists, allow students to get to know you and provide direct links to your online art classes. 

For questions or inquiries, please contact us.