About Zenso Creative

Zenso Creative™ provides online art and design workshops for both beginning and experienced artists. We offer both fine art and decorative art workshops in two different programs. Our lifetime workshops are available for life and the perfect option for the artist who wants to master a particular technique to use repeatedly in their own art based business or to create multiple commission pieces or gifts. Our Zenso Creative™ Club Membership Program offers dozens of workshops in various mediums that artists can experiment with to learn new techniques, find their muse or add skills to their portfolio. These art and design workshops offer an opportunity for artists to work in a variety of areas, for little investment to hone their skills. Workshops are only available to the student while a member.

The name Zenso came about as a combination of our logo (an *Enso which is a Japanese character meaning circle) and the word Zen (which characterizes meditation and intuition). The painted circle of the Enso is a single brushstroke, created once and left unedited allowing for the freedom of movement and a potentially imperfect outcome. The goal of Zenso Creative is to encourage aspiring artists as well as established artists to create without the pressure of being perfect and to learn new and different ways of being creative. Art is therapy, it’s meditative, it’s sometimes intuitive and sometimes not. It can be frustrating--kind of like fishing--but once you catch on and learn the techniques and steps to take, it’s one of the most gratifying experiences you can have. I hope you get out there and create something you love!
Terry Eldridge, Creative Director and Founder
*Kudos to my friend and sidekick Ellie McIntosh of Ellie Mac Designs for the brilliant logo idea.