Art As A Healer

Art has been known for thousands of years to be a healing and meditative practice. When we are creating, we are immersed in a process that is scientifically known to change the neurons in our brain

Art As Healing And Meditation

“At the deepest level, the creative process and the healing process arise from a single source. When you are an artist, you are a healer; a wordless trust of the same mystery is the foundation of your work and its integrity.”     Rachel Naomi Remen, MD

Time Flies When We Are Creating.

Have you ever started a creative project and suddenly realized several hours had gone by? Or maybe you have been in an amazing art workshop and although you were in once place all day, you didn’t even notice because you were so involved in learning and creating something new.

They say we are happiest when we are unaware of time and fully engaged in what we are doing. Even if you are someone who can’t meditate, when you are working on a creative project that you’re really excited about, you are practicing a form of meditation that is scientifically known to change the neurons in your brain.  Check out this amazing article Art Enhances Brain Function and Well Being.

The article talks about how art raises our serotonin levels, puts us in a better mood and reduces our sense of fear and anxiety.  It connects us better to ourselves and our purpose and helps us express in creativity what we otherwise might not be able to express in words. 

Stories of Art As A Healer

Art has been used as a means of healing and meditation for many years.  If you have the time to watch these two TedTalks, one by artist Domingo Zapata and another with artist Anne Basting, you’ll be inspired and heartened by the healing power of art. 

Domingo talks about how art connects us not only to ourselves but to others and shares the story of dealing with a crisis with his young son through his art.  In his talk, he demonstrates how the simple act of painting words on the canvas creates a piece of art and offers healing.

Anne talks about surviving middle school thanks to art and about bringing Alzheimers patients out of their shells through the use of dramatic arts and storytelling

Our Zenso Creative™ artists have created and shared art throughout their careers as a means of expressing their gifts to the world through the power of healing.  From comforting quilts to art installations, to donations for charitable events and more….we are committed to sharing the arts as a message of healing and meditation both for ourselves and for others.

Create, Meditate and Use Art As A Healer

The meditative and healing nature of art is an amazing way to overcome so much of the human experience we’d rather forget

So the next time you’re feeling a little blue or restless, start creating some art.  Paint words on a canvas, color in an adult coloring book (or a kid’s if you must).  Grab all those mixed media products you have and start experimenting.  Take an online class or workshop, or sign up for a live workshop in your area.

Just get out there and create.  Meditate.  Heal.  Help the world do the same.  Give your art to someone who needs a lift.  Donate it to a local charity.  Make a plan to make the world more beautiful with it.  You’re an artist.  Share your passion. The world needs you and you need art.

Create something you love today!