Meet Our Talented & Inspiring Instructors

Our talented instructors come from many different art and design backgrounds.
Although we all teach different workshops, we use the same instructional format so once a student takes one workshop, the way the rest are presented will be familiar.

Terry Eldridge

Founder and Creative Director, Zenso Creative™, LLC & Terry Eldridge Art
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I grew up with a creative mother who was a master at decorating and creating with reclaimed items long before it became fashionable. She was also a talented oil painter and seamstress. From her, I found a passion for the arts and in my earlier years, while raising a family and working in a different field, I still managed to keep some creativity going. I renovated houses, painted and re-purposed furniture, sewed Halloween costumes, clothing and quilts and learned to create stained glass pieces and mosaics. I have always been a self employed entrepreneur and after pursuing additional artistic training and adventures in faux finishing and fine art, I opened an art studio for the public. There, I discovered a love for teaching and sharing the passion. I eventually came to this place, Zenso Creative, LLC. My best adventure yet. I continue to grow and learn, practice and improve my skills, experiment, and most importantly, lift others up and help them find their creative spirit. I am grateful to the talented artists who are my tribe and to the students who come to us to share our skills so they can in turn, encourage someone else to find their creative spirit.

Ellie McIntosh

Associate Creative Director, Zenso Creative™, LLC. Ellie Mac Designs
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I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Interior Architecture and Design from the Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design and minored in Sustainable Design. I have studied painting in the United States, France, Switzerland, Monaco, Italy, Spain, Germany, Morocco, Ireland and Mexico. Throughout the evolution of my career, I have continued to grow my art portfolio in both fine art as well as large commercial and residential murals. I teach workshops in a variety of mediums and especially enjoy taking my students on an innovative journey of experiment and discovery.

Janet Metzger

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Hello, I'm Janet Metzger and I am a self-taught artist and a maker of beautiful things. I spend my days in my little home studio surrounded by watercolors, acrylics and oil paints, canvas boards and buckets of brushes and tons of German Glass glitter. My favorite creative thing to do is share what I have learned with as many folks as I can. My teaching goal is to have my students become even better painters than me.

Rose Wilde

Faux Finish Artist & Developer of Wood Icing® Textura Paste
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I developed the Wood Icing® Product Line in 2002 as “the great cover up” for resurfacing furniture, walls, crafts and small decor. Artists in turn, found the product perfect for adding texture and creating raised reliefs. After years of working with the product, offering workshops and working with other artists, I found the options for using Wood Icing® went way beyond my initial concept. Today, the product is used in a variety of ways through furniture repair and enhancement to mixed media art. I enjoy introducing Wood Icing® workshops to beginners and experienced artists and hope you’ll join me in creating some one of a kind, textured finishes in my online workshops. I am excited to see what my students create and look forward to inspiring you with this exciting medium.

Lynn White

Textile Artist

Jenny Gomberg

Upholstery & Faux Finish Artist, Metamorphose Studio

Anna Hileman

Fine Artist, Anna Hileman Art

Cindee Lundin

Decorative Artist, The Studio By Cindee Lundin
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I grew up a native of Atlanta and earned my Bachelor of Arts in Communications from Georgia Southern University then spent 22 years in medical sales. Throughout my career, I loved dabbling on the weekends with faux finishes and began rehabbing furniture before it became the widespread thing to do. After refurbishing a lakehouse with completely redone furniture, I realized I had a love for taking something old and making it new again. A friend saw my work and asked me to assist her on a large faux finish job. Two times on the scaffolding was enough for me and I went back to doing what I loved, refinishing and rehabbing furniture.

When the opportunity came up to be an Annie Sloan Stockist and be in the retail world of furniture painting and refinishing, I decided to open a shop and learned that I had a second love of teaching. I taught students and learned myself. I took many workshops through those years including a textile workshop in France with Melanie Royals. I sold the shop to help my Mom care for my ailing Dad and textiles became my go to creative outlet. I have been painting on silk and silk screening since.

I lost my Dad in 2018 as well as a sister to breast cancer and recently another sister to ovarian cancer. I know first hand, that becoming involved in a project can ease the mind, heal just a little of the hurt and help pass the time.

Last year, I donated 40 painted scarves to a hospice facility in Romania where my husband and I go regularly on mission trips. I have since returned to France for more training and look forward to sharing these skills with students online. This is an easy art to learn, it’s how elaborate you make it that gives you your own creative twist.

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I established Metamorphose Studios in 2009 as a creative outlet for myself looking for something new and different to add to my faux design skills. I have since morphed old forgotten furniture into beautiful statement pieces for designers, clients and collectors. I teach other DIY enthusiasts how to transform their upholstered furniture both in the studio and online. My students have created incredible upholstered pieces and I get excited teaching them!

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As a Colorado native, I grew up mostly outdoors tending to numerous animals ranging from horses, cats and dogs to a rescued pheasant named Speedy.

Outside of the time I spent with animals, I could be found drawing and painting everything around me.

After attending Kansas City Art Institute for Fine Art and receiving my BFA from Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design, I have expanded my skills beyond oil with the use of acrylic, iron, wood, gold leaf and steel. My passion for animals and art has led me to using the combination of various mediums to create a collection of charismatic animals, specializing in pet portraiture. My work aims to memorialize an animal as tribute to the joy we receive from them.

I currently live in Arvada Colorado with my husband and daughter.

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Hi! My name is Cindee Lundin. I live in Marana Arizona just outside of Tucson.

I have formal studies in fine art along with invaluable apprenticeships. I was born with a creative soul and I feel it is important to pass on the years of knowledge and experience that I have acquired so that others may experience the same joy that I do when creating.

I have been a leading decorative artist for the past 25 years. I have been commissioned across the Nation for my decorative work which includes bas relief in both plaster and concrete, sculptures, fine art, murals, and decorative finishes. I continue to be involved at the national level as an instructor for events such as World of Concrete, Concrete Décor Show, Art Fusion, International Decorative Artisans League, and have been selected as a featured artist at World of Concrete, Las Vegas in 2006, 2016, and 2019.

I continue to take both private and public art commissions throughout the United States. I work in mixed media and concrete has become well integrated into all of my work because of my love for permanence, color and texture. I integrate recycled materials, glass, natural stone and gems into my pieces to create calm, peace, joy and beauty.

More than anything, I look forward to creating and sharing the art of concrete with you!

Ali Kay

Fine Artist and Decorative Painter. Positive Space Studio of Ali Kay
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I’ve been an artist since childhood. Painting is my specialty and I’ve focused my business on creating murals, specialty finishes and custom fine art. I’m drawn toward impressionistic brushwork and vivid color, but I also strive to create accurate representation of my subjects. I’ve taught students from all over the country in the workshops I offer at my studio in Chattanooga, TN and I’m excited to have the opportunity to share my techniques with an even broader audience online!

Cathlyn Driscoll

Alcohol Ink Artist
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Respect the dreamer, and more, the dreamer who makes her dreams come true. The best possible reaction to my art would be: “You paint how I feel.” Every emotion can be created in art. That is why it speaks to me, and why I enjoy creating it. Color speaks to everyone. Color can enhance or expose a mood, or change it in a moment. I create duels with color. I do this by pooling contrasting inks and juxtaposing colors on canvas or synthetic papers. I can then add textures, meld colors and create rivers of color within colors. This works especially well with abstract paintings, which are my favorite. Only select visions are worth turning into reality. Alcohol inks flow, stream, and interact with each other when they are wet, behaving as if they were alive. As inks shift and interact with the environment, no work can ever be duplicated. Forcing colors to collide, bend and blend, I feel like a conjurer when they form objects or images on their own. People often describe seeing angels, Madonnas, animals and galaxies in my work. I like to think I am building ‘new worlds’ on paper and canvas. New worlds offer the hope of infinite possibilities and optimism for the future.

Diane Corso

Faux Finish Artist, Mica Revolution
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I have been in the Decorative Arts for 15+ years creating decorative finishes. For several years, I have been using Raw Mica in my projects. I enjoy sharing my knowledge and ideas with fellow decorative artists and I believe that that my creativity is a gift. I also believe those with a gift must give back in order to keep receiving. Mica, as a natural element, is a gift to all of us. I am excited about sharing this beautiful medium that can be incorporated into so many creative projects from walls to ceilings, furniture to artwork. I look forward to creating with you and to seeing all the beautiful results of your work with Mica.

Melody Peacock Brooks

Faux Finish Artist. Hoity Toity Peacock
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Hello, my name is Melody Peacock Brooks, owner of Hoity-Toity Peacock in Brenham, Texas. My life’s passion for creating art has evolved into transforming pieces of furniture into one of a kind works of art. Using rich copper, bronze and rust patinas, along with old world plasters, crackles and paints, I take a forgotten piece and give it new life. Once you learn the techniques and secrets I’ve developed over the years, you too will begin creating one of a kind, focal pieces of functional art.